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Zenith Digital World is a professional Web and Software Development Company that successfully operates at the IT-market since 2017. We have hired a highly skillful outsourcing developer’s team in Bangalore – a great source of highly-qualified and talented professionals.Thanks to this we are able to provide our customers with best services at a very competitive price.

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Zenith school application connecting school and parents

Zenith is a user friendly application, it helps the parents to create awareness of the children on daily basis.

Parents can access their children status any where anytime on their mobile.

We find different categories


Parents can find students name ,blood group, contact details and standard etc.


Parents will know about holidays ,examination dates. etc.


Parents can view the attendance of their children everyday.


Parents can view the result of their children everymonth.


Parents can view the homework of their children immediately with a notification sent from the school.


Parents can view the circular or announcement from the school for example parents meeting ,fees details etc.

Student Status

parents can find the remarks of their children.

Leave application

parents can send the leave application to the respective teachers.


parents can find the fees details.

Web link

parents can go to the web link of the school.

Live webcast

parents can view the videos of any cultural programme, sports day,school day from anywhere.

Smart card

smart card will access the school login and logout of their children.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is attached to the school van so that parents can track.


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